Meet Our Team

Any organization is only as good as it’s leaders and volunteers and we are blessed to have a wonderful group of people guiding us.

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Cathy Palmer
Cathy got her first Beagle, Abby, in 1985 and she has been hooked ever since! She has shown and bred Beagles and loves working with her bed bug detection dogs, Velvet and Chico. She became the AmBRNet President in 2015 after the passing of founder Julie Wright.

Vice President 

Toscha Clausen
Toscha’s passion for Beagle and rescue came in 1999 with her first adoption. After seeing an overwhelming need in the Midwest she became one of the founding directors of Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare. Her knowledge of rescue operations is a great resource for AmBRNet and she is excited at the opportunity to assist all Beagles in rescue.


Trish Pittman
Trish became involved with Beagles because of her mom, Suzanne Thomas. When Suzanne got her first Beagle, Trish was hooked and has been showing and doing very limited breeding for 25 years. Trish started working with AmBRNet when Julie Wright started it as a member. Since Julie’s death, Trish has become more involved and is currently our Treasurer.


Mike Simpson
Mike’s introduction to beagles began when asked to help start a 4H Dog Project Club as Adult Leader. A few months later, traveling to pick up a puppy (Willwood’s Remington Steele) for his daughter’s 13th birthday, the world changed. Advocating for responsible pet ownership, experience in design and build a city dog park, stewarding professional at dog shows, and competing in conformation and rally led to first assisting, then board membership, and currently secretary for AmBRNet. What a ride so far!


Jessica Parker 


Jessica Parker