American Beagle Relief Network Grant Program

AmBRNet is streamlining our process to receive funds. We hope this new process will make the entire process easier for our rescue partners!

If you are not yet a partner, click here to complete the application.

Monies will now be disbursed one time per year, applications will be due by February 15 of each year, to provide funds for reimbursement for the previous calendar year. 

The following information will be required in order to get funds:

Monies will be distributed as follows:

The total number of Beagles that were adopted from all rescue partners will be added and then that number will be divided by the amount of funds available for that calendar year.  Each rescue partner will then be reimbursed that amount of money for each dog they adopted out.

Monies will be paid by March 30 each year.


Organization A adopts 23 dogs

Organization B adopts 54 dogs

Organization C adopts 9 dogs

Total adoptions is 86

AmBRNet has $2,450 available in funding for reimbursements. Therefore:

2450/86 = 28.49 ($28)


Organization A receives $644 (23 x 28)

Organization B receives $1,512 (54 x 28)

Organization C receives $252 (9 x 28)